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SKF Bearing Supply

Established in 2010, Located in Shandong province, China, which is bearing industry concentration of China, Linqing City Gaoyuan Bearing is a specialist bearing enterprise with more than 10 years of expertise in exporting high-quality bearing and worldwide class service, we are precision bearings, custom bearing & stocking Bearing Supplier
Gaoyuan Bearing is dealing with Brand Bearings and OEM bearing, including SKF, NSK, FAG, NTN, TIMKEN, KOYO, URB, etc., Types include Ball Bearings, Roller Bearings, radial & thrust bearings, widely used in the auto part industry, textile machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, and power generation industries, etc.
Adhering the competitive prices and fast delivery. Gaoyuan Bearing sells best to Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. e.g. German, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Our objective is to provide high-quality products with the best price and first-class service. Welcome customers all over the world.

company profile

Rich Bearing Stock and Fast Order Delivery

A variety of over 2000types of Brand Bearings in-stock can meet 80% of bearing requirements for all new customers, We also have a large warehouse and sample stock, which greatly shortens the delivery time. Experienced freight to ensure safe and timely orders, big orders we shipped by sea, small orders and sample order can be shipped by the courier like DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, etc., and Air flight.

Perfect Bearing Quality and Attractive Price

We have advanced test equipment and a quality inspection system to ensure that every product is strictly tested before sale. Our price is calculated from raw materials to ensure that each product is the most reasonable price. We adjust prices according to customer’s market, and also can launch a series of promotional activities when bad economic environment. We will do our best to deal with the problems you encountered, to ensure customers' satisfaction.

Strict Quality Control and Sales Service

We will reply to your message in the shortest time. Solve the problem in the most satisfying way. You can contact us whenever you need, we will always online Starting from the order confirmed the situation of the goods will be reflected you timely, the packaging photos before delivery will be confirmed to you for making sure that every detail is in line with your requirements

Bearing High Quality and Widely Application

We have advanced equipment and mature techniques, to meet various customers’ requirements. High precision, low noise, long life, and excellent reliability are Brand Bearing’s features. Reliable product quality ensures that these Bearing are widely used in machinery