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INA KR32-X Bolt type roller
Release time:2024-04-22

Bolt type roller INA KR32-X is widely used for used in machine tools, metallurgical machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery and other mechanical equipment, as well as processing assembly lines.

Roller bearings can be divided into two types: supporting rollers and bolt shaft roller bearings.
Support roller bearings are bearing units composed of machined thick walled outer rings, needle or cylindrical rollers, or cage guided or fully loaded rolling element groups, inner rings or bolts, and seals. They can withstand high radial loads and certain impact loads, with compact and diverse structures, high rotational accuracy, a wide variety of varieties, wide adaptability, and easy installation.
The STO, NA22, and 2RS series products can be used for high-speed operation during oil lubrication.
The NATR series support rollers are particularly suitable for heavy loads and medium speeds.
The NATV, NUTR, KRV, and NUKR series fully loaded rolling element products can withstand heavy loads at low speeds.
This type of bearing adopts a needle roller or cylindrical roller bearing structure; There are multiple sealing forms used to prevent the invasion of pollutants and water; The outer circle has various contour shapes, including cylindrical and circular shapes; Various structural forms such as useful bolt shaft structure for direct installation are available for different occasions to choose from. Special structures and other requirements can be customized to meet the needs