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How to select the suitable bearings for your machine
Release time:2024-03-18

Bearing bearing capacity: Select the appropriate bearing capacity based on the required load size.

Bearing speed: Select the appropriate bearing speed based on the equipment's speed and operating requirements. It is also possible to first select the bearing specifications and models, and then verify whether the maximum speed of the bearing meets the requirements.

Environment and manufacturing materials: Based on the requirements of the usage environment and manufacturing materials, select bearings with characteristics such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and tensile strength.

Installation method and adjustment requirements: According to the equipment installation method and adjustment requirements, choose different types of bearings such as self centering and adjustable. At the same time, the allowable space for bearings and the location for installation and disassembly should be considered.

Precision level of bearings: Select the precision level and noise level of bearings according to the requirements of the host.

Maintenance and upkeep: Select bearings that are easy to maintain and clean according to the maintenance and upkeep requirements of the bearings

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