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How to solve orders' problems
Release time:2024-03-06

If you ordered industrial bearings from Gaoyuan Bearing China, it will be one year gurantee for the quality since you received the order.

Right now we have seldom problems from clients, but if you indeed get the wrong products or there is problems for the bearings,

here are some tips for you to solve them.

  1. Wrong bearings if you got, we Gaoyuan Bearing China will send out the correct ones for free, just need to show us the photos of the wrong products, and please keep the products as good as you can, so that we can call back and sell them again.
  2. There is quality problems, please make sure not because of rought installing, or hash installation, or you can make vedio to show that damage. We send you good bearings for free.
  3. Lack of quantity, just inform us and show the packing carton picture, we will send you for free.
  4. Delay delivery or anything not same as contract term, we will make up your lose accordingly.
  5. If the clients' faults that caused problems, we will solve according to your request, but need charge you reasonal fee. Other issues caused when ordering, we can discuss for seeking happy ending. Gaoyuan Bearings China will supply best servise to insure our clients get satification.